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A website is not a business expense, it’s a business investment!

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In today’s thriving eCommerce market, establishing a digital presence is imperative to any business.  Future-proof your business by going digital.  While Social Media is a useful digital marketing tool, a website will increase your online visibility, provide unique online branding and give your business credibility with your customers and potential customers.

We provide websites for all types of businesses, all over Ireland, that are just getting started and are looking for their first website or for businesses with existing websites in need of a re-design.

Boost your digital presence with a bespoke, mobile responsive website to increase your business sales.

All our Websites are Mobile Responsive and come with full Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as standard.  User Documentation & training (if required) is provided for Content Management Systems. 

Types of websites we provide:

Informational/Brochure Website

An Informational/Brochure Website is a website showcasing your product(s) and/or service(s) without directly selling/accepting online payments.  It is the most affordable website and is a great one to start with.  A payment system can always be added on later if/when your business needs change.  

eCommerce Website

An eCommerce Website is an online store.  Suitable for businesses selling products and/or services. 

Small businesses in Ireland can apply for the Trading Online Voucher via their Local Enterprise Office, which will fund up to 50% of your website. 

Blog Website

Are you a budding or professional writer?  A blog website will get your creative writing out to the world.  There are many DIY Website Builders available however, they are quite restrictive in features and design capabilities and the annual costs work out more than self-hosted websites.  Take the pressure off by getting your website professionally designed and you will also save on the annual costs.   

Web Directory / Affiliate Marketing Website 

If you provide quality content that drives high traffic to your website, you have the opportunity to monetize your website by implementing an Online Directory or Affiliate Marketing.  Make money while you sleep! 


We have a dedicated Testing Area to test all Websites with various devices from Windows, Android & Apple.  We also vigorously test all Websites using Software Testing Tools to test for Usability, Accessibility, Speed, Spell Checking, Functionality & Responsiveness. In addition to using Software Testing Tools, we test all websites manually.  Using both will greatly reduce technical and manual error. 

Time for a Checkup?

Is your website working for you?  If your website is not driving sales to your business and you don’t know why, it would be a wise investment to have a website checkup.  There can be many reasons why your website is not doing its job, perhaps your content needs to be optimised or its usability needs improvement.

We provide website audits to find out what is lacking with your website.  You will be given a full report of the work that needs to be done to improve your website and you can then decide if you can implement this yourself or you need us to. If your website is not mobile responsive then it will require a full website re-design.

It’s Good To Talk

Start or grow #YourDigitalPresence today with KM Media.  Contact us on 085 819 4082 or fill in our contact form to request a quote for your digital needs.  We would love to hear from you. 

Looking for help with Digital Marketing?

We are a Digital Marketing Agency and provide many digital marketing services to optimise your online presence ensuring your business gets quality content in front of your target audience.  Click here to find out more about our Digital Marketing Service