Smart Marketing With Your Smartphone

A picture is worth ten thousand words

– by Frederick R. Barnard

Smart Marketing with your Smartphone
Visual Marketing is getting your business message out there using photos, videos and other visual elements. To bring awareness to your business, don’t tell, Show!

We are all visual people and the world wide web is a very busy place. There is so much content on the web that visual images gain more attention than words. So, less words, more images. That said, don’t go for quantity over quality. If your images are not appealing to the eye they will be bypassed.

With the popularity of the smartphone and other mobile devices we have become accustomed to fast-paced scrolling through the content on social media and websites. If your images don’t stand out they will get left out.

Are your images the best they can be? You may think you need a bunch of expensive equipment, top notch camera, fancy lights and a big tripod in order to get professional looking photography for your business. Well, the good news is, you don’t! Quality images don’t come from the equipment, they come from the photographer. There are some key techniques to taking a quality photo and all this can be done with your smartphone. Knowledge is power. You can learn how to take quality professional looking images with your smartphone and a few apps.

At Gorey Adult Education you have the opportunity to make a small investment in your business and learn how to effectively market your business with your smartphone. So, get creative, get smart and get Smart Marketing with your Smartphone. This course commences on Monday, 16th January from 7pm-9.30pm and is 1 night [Mondays] per week for 5 weeks and once you are done you can get snapping with your phone and watch your sales roll in.

Come to the Information Evening on Wednesday, 16th January at 7pm at Gorey Community School and have a chat with Mick of KM Media about the course ‘Smart Marketing with your Smartphone’ and sign up on the night. We will look forward to seeing you there.

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