Grow Your Digital Presence

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With the Christmas Holidays well and truly over and we are all getting back into the swing of things, it’s time to check our the health of our digital presence. 

January is a very busy time for domain registrations. Rest & relaxation is the perfect time to get your creative mind working. Many people think up ideas during the holidays and when the holidays are over it’s time to put make those ideas a reality, such as registering a domain for a new business idea or for an existing business that does not currently have a website. Whatever your idea is, January is a great time to start or grow your digital presence. 

Have you got a website? If so, are you being found on the first page of Google? 

Have you got social media pages set up for your business? How many? More than one is good but, setting up too many to manage can have a negative impact on your digital presence. 

The first step to ensuring your digital presence is the best it can be is to avail of a Online Presence Audit. This audit will check not only your website, but all aspects of how you appear online …your social media, online directories, Google Search Results, etc. 

For the month of January we have recently put out an offer for 5 free website audits. We received a very positive response with this offer and have completed all 5 free audits in the first half of the month.

Therefore, for the second half of this month we are offering another 5 free website audits to any business that contacts us via our contact form to request same. All you have to do is fill in our contact form and include your website address and/or social media page name(s) and we can conduct the audit and return a full audited report of your digital presence.

The report includes the pros and cons of your digital presences, your positive online activity and areas you need to work on. We will provide a quote for the work should you wish us to undertake any of the work or you may be able to work on some of it yourself. 

So, get in touch with us today and be in the know of how you appear online. 

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