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Outsource your Digital Marketing to us

Little or no technical experience? No time to manage your Website and/or Social Media? Don’t worry!

Here at KM Media we specialise in Digital Marketing services to improve your digital presence and increase your business sales. The more you do online the better for your business however, it can be difficult to find the time for all this much needed online activity. You may not only be short on time but also short on know-how. Our digital world moves so fast, just even finding the time to keep up with the changes can be difficult.

We can help

As digital services are our profession, we are online all the time, working on client projects, keeping up to date with technology changes and advances and essentially growing on our experiences everyday. That is why you need us! We can ensure that your online activity includes a regular stream of quality content. The key to social media success, or indeed any online success, is …Be There! Get in touch with us and we will be there when you can’t.

Quality, dynamic content is a must

Your online content needs to be dynamic, current and relevant in the online market. Outsourcing is more cost effective than hiring an In-House Digital Marketer, using up your time or your employees time and as we specialise in a wide range of Digital Marketing Services, you get more for your money.

Digital Marketing Packages to suit you

We provide a Digital Marketing packages on a one-off job basis or a monthly fee, depending on how much assistance you need.

So whether you need ongoing Website Content Management and/or Social Media Management, we can work with you to arrange the most suitable Digital Marketing Package for your business, ensuring your online content is always new and exciting, ensuring your business does not get forgotten or lost in the world wide web

Don’t let your digital presence end up like a needle in a haystack, get noticed online with our help. 

Our Digital Marketing service includes

Social Media Marketing

Creating consistent, quality content, responding to your visitors reactions, sharing out your content, the list goes on …all this can be time consuming and take up alot of head space. We can develop a Social Media Strategy based on your business needs to increase reach and in turn increase business sales. 

A Social Media Marketing Strategy can take several months, approximately 6 months, before you see returns but when that time comes it will be all worth while. 

Analytics Reporting

Do you know what is working and what isn’t in your Digital Marketing Strategy? …or are you blind-posting? Every digital channel you use for your marketing can provide an Analytics Report. These reports vary depending on the channel you are using and some of it may make sense to you and some may not. 

You may think you are aware of your social media success by watching your likes add up on your posts but without reviewing your reports regularly, you could miss some key information that can be valuable to your business going forward.

Google Analytics reports provide valuable information such as how many visitors you get daily, weekly, monthly and so on.  While you can easily see your likes and follows on your social media channels, your magic number for visitors on your website can only be seen by reviewing your reports.  

Analytics Reports can contain a variety of data types which may not all be relevant to you.  We can take the ‘raw data’ from all your channels and compile it into an easy to understand single report for you, displaying the information that is relevant to you, without overloading you with information that you don’t need. 

Blog/Content Writing

Writing blogs and quality content for your website will increase your Google ranking, giving you an advantage over your competitors.  Writing about key areas in your field of business also shows your customers and potential customers that you are an expert in your field, gaining trust, which will increase sales. 

We can work with you to develop a Content Strategy and be as little or as much involved as you need. Depending on your business, we can research your field and write blogs for you. An alternative approach is for you to draft content and perhaps provide links to research information which we can then transform into cornerstone content for your website. 

In addition to blog writing, if you have an existing website and you know the content needs work, we can proof-read your content and rewrite effectively including search optimised keywords to suit your business. 

Website Content Management

Dynamic content is key to your website success. Whether it is a matter of you not having the time or the technical skills to update your website, we can take the burden from you. Modern Content Management Systems are quite intuitive but it can still be a time-consuming technical job, particularly if it is not your area of expertise. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Have you got a website that needs work. It may be slow or does not contain sufficient relevant keywords to help you up the ‘Google Ladder‘. There is no one way to rank on Google, as Google’s algorithm takes many factors into consideration when ranking websites. We can work on optimising your on-page and off-page SEO, implement key SEO techniques, which will improve your trust with Google. 

Ad Campaigns

The main focus for your digital strategy is to optimise your online presence to ensure your rank organically.  However, there are times when it makes sense to use paid online advertising, either via Social Media or Google Adwords.

Online advertising gives you the opportunity to get your ads in front of those who are looking for your product and/or service.  Online advertising requires time and patience to set up the ads, set your ad budget and monitor the success of your ad throughout the campaign and may require adjusting your ad during the campaign. 

We can take care of it all for you, leaving you to just watch the success with your business sales. 

Email Newsletter Campaigns

If you thought Email Marketing was killed by social media, well, think again. Email Marketing is still pretty much alive and kicking. As it is permission-based marketing, your advertising goes straight into the inbox of the customers that asked for it. Many of us will check our social media pages every day but they are not the first thing that is checked.

Email is checked first each day before Facebook and the rest so your ad is sure to be seen by much, much more and you don’t get pushed down with an algorithm. However, to increase the chances of your email signups opening your email, you need to write a catchy email subject line. Once you get your signups in to your email, the body of the email needs to be aesthetically pleasing if you want them to follow your call to action.   

An effective Email Marketing Strategy is both an art and science. You need to think both creatively and psychologically to be successful.  We can write creative, high-converting copy and send out email campaigns regularly, increasing your leads and sales. 

Affiliate Marketing

Are you producing quality content with a high traffic of readers?  If your website is driving thousands of visitors daily it may be a good time investments to implement Affiliate Marketing.  You may be talking about a product or service that your readers would like to know more about or purchase.

By signing up to an Affiliate Program with various companies you can provide referral links so that when your readers click the links and purchase on a third party website, you get a small percentage of commission.  Don’t be put off by the word small used here, if your traffic is extremely high, this small percentage will add up to alot of money over time.  If it seems like a good idea but also a daunting idea to set it all up, talk to us. 

Please note that if you implement Affiliate Referral Links on your website, you are required by law to be transparent about these to your visitors. Ensure you mention it on your website in an easy to find place, don’t hide it away in your website, the homepage or the footer is a suitable location for this information and also in your Website Privacy Policy. 

Want to really stand out from the crowd?

Implement a Video Marketing strategy to your marketing mix. Video Marketing is the most effective marketing strategy online. Increase your reach and your revenue with a video for your business. Click here for more information about our Video Marketing Service.