Digital Marketing Outsourcing at KM Media

Little or no technical experience? No time to manage your Website and/or Social Media? Don’t worry!

Here at KM Media we specialise in Digital Marketing Services including Website & Newsletter Content Writing, Social Media Managment, Search Engine Optimisation, Video Marketing & Professional Photography. Outsource your online tasks to us to keep your content dynamic, current and relevant in the online market. Outsourcing is more cost effective than hiring an In-House Digital Marketer and as we specialise in a wide range of Digital Marketing Services, you get more for your money.

It is essential for any business with an online presence to continuously add new quality content to their website and keep active on Social Media. However, these tasks can be quite time consuming for your business. Rather than get bogged down with this or let it take up your employees time, outsourcing to an expert can save you both time and money.

We recommend any business with an online presence to have a Website and use several Social Media Platforms – not just one, to represent your business online. For example, a business that has a Facebook Business Page may not see the benefit of marketing on Twitter and Instagram too. However, making use of more than one of the popular Social Media Platforms can help you reach a wider audience. This is also where outsourcing your Digital Marketing needs can help, as it can be difficult to manage more than one Social Media Account and your Website Content however, the benefits of increasing and outsourcing your Digital Marketing activity certainly outweigh the alternative. 

We provide a Digital Marketing packages for a monthly fee, payable on a month by month basis or long-term. Whether you need ongoing Website Content Management and/or Social Media Management, we can work with you to arrange the most suitable Digital Marketing Package for your business, so your online content is always new and exciting, ensuring your business does not get forgotten / lost on the web.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Content Management
  • Content Writing
  • Blogs & Email Newsletters
  • Website and/or Social Media Photography
  • Video Marketing

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