Video Marketing

Today, Video Marketing is the most effective marketing tool to engage your target market. There are many benefits to using video to get your product or service noticed on so many online platforms such as your website and social media.

Why use Video Marketing for your business?

The use of the internet is on a continuous rise. Just in the past 10 years internet usage has risen by between approximately 1-3% each year …in 2006, there were 1.1 billion internet users worldwide – which was 15% internet penetration. Now today, in 2016, 3.4 billion – which is 49.2% internet penetration.

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This means that if you put a video up on an online platform you can potentially reach billions of viewers in a short space of time, using not only one, but all Platforms available to you.

We now live in a busy world with pages and page of online content. This is why video is so popular now online, it’s dynamic and gets the message across faster than text.

Video grabs attention of your visitors and they are most likely to share and talk about a video they watched more than they would an article they read.

Any business can benefit from having a promotional video. Just some of the types of video that a business can choose are, a video showcasing your latest products or services, professional tips & advice, meet the team video, etc.

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