About KM Media

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We are a family run Digital Media Agency providing quality professional Web Design, Digital and Video Marketing and Photography. Our main clientele to date are located in Dublin, Wicklow & Wexford however, we provide our services nationally, throughout Ireland. Our services can help businesses start or grow their online digital presence to enhance brand awareness. We love what we do & are passionate about our work.

Our Mission

Here at KM Media, it is our mission to help businesses start or grow their business online. We provide professional digital marketing services and knowledge that fulfill the wants and needs of our clients to establish a reputable online presence. We offer essential digital marketing services for any business which includes Websites, Video and Digital Marketing & Photography. Our aim is to continue a long working relationship with all our clients. We ensure that we market our clients’ business online in an effective way and with ease to the business and their customers.

Why Choose KM Media?

We are 100% Customer Focused. It is important to us to value, not only our clients’ business needs, but also the needs of their existing and potential customers. We ensure that we market businesses towards their target market in the most successful way.

Furthermore, we will do this by getting to know our client, their business and target market. Then we will work with our clients to develop their Marketing Strategy.

KM Media offer Websites, Photography, Promotional Video Advertisement and Social Media Management.

At KM Media businesses can avail of essential digital media services in one place to establish or enhance their online presence.

Thus, we are a One Stop Digital Marketing Shop! Availing of our services can save businesses time and money for their online needs. We can offer businesses a one-off service or tailor a digital marketing package to suit their business needs. We will work with our clients to develop their marketing strategy to keep up with the fast-paced, ever changing online market.

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