Static Versus Dynamic Websites

Static Versus Dyanmic Websites


A static website is a hand-coded, fixed website. These type of websites are developed using text files only (no database) and are therefore, lightweight, more secure and load much faster than dynamic websites. They can be a good cost-effective, starter website if you are just looking for a small website to advertise your business online however, if you have a large amount of content or require special features, they can get quite costly.

Static websites require an extensive amount of technical knowledge to make changes to the content which means you will need a web designer/developer to make content updates, which are quite time consuming. Static websites are more suitable as brochure websites for businesses that don't have any or alot of content changes since the initial website build or that don't mind paying out for content changes as and when needed.


A Dynamic Website is designed and developed on a Content Management System (CMS for short). A CMS is a web application framework used to build websites. CMS websites are a combination of text files and a database. These websites can be slower loading than static websites due to the extra weight of the database and larger number of files and code types. That is not to say that CMS websites cannot load fast, which they can, when built with speed in mind from the very start of the build.

To maintain high performance throughout the life of the website, regular maintenance will be required such as, performing technology updates every 1-3 months and CMS Clean Up to remove temporary files and database bloat. If this is not done regularly, over time it will slow down your website.

The real benefit of a CMS Website is that you can update the content yourself quite easily and there are an array of special features you can have. This type of website is suitable for businesses looking for a website they can manage and update themselves and are likely to have regular content changes, run a blog or sell online.


If you are looking for a small or at least relatively small, cost-effective solution, very high speed website and don't have any or alot of content changes, then a static website may suit you.

If you need a website that easy to update content, feature-rich and high performance built with speed in mind and regular maintenance, then a Content Management System may suit your needs.

We recommend static websites for small brochure websites with little or no content additions. Content Management System Websites are more suitable for all websites from brochure, blog, online directory to eCommerce.

Whatever your choice, with us, you will be online in no time.

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